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Provided free of charge as a public service by Adjusters International, Disaster Recovery Today contains knowledge acquired through years of study and field experience. The information contained in its pages has allowed Adjusters International’s Disaster Recovery Consulting division to become recognized as specialists in FEMA’s Public Assistance program. We have assisted grantees and applicants with virtually all facets of recovery from planning to close-out, and are pleased to be able to share this expertise.

The key to the success of Disaster Recovery Today is that it is written from a position of advocacy for the applicant. Our team works exclusively on behalf of grantees and applicants, never for FEMA itself. This unique perspective allows us to “tell it like it is” without reservation, and provides you with valuable insights from a non-FEMA perspective.

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Issue #4016
Disaster Recovery Today - Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery: Supplemental Funding Sources in Community Recovery

Alternative funding approaches can make a significant difference between an optimum recovery from a disaster and a mediocre or deficient one.

Issue #4015
Disaster Recovery Today - Water Damage: Water Damage

Water. Nothing is more essential. Yet nothing can be more destructive. In this edition we look at two of the ways that happens.

Issue #4014
Disaster Recovery Today - Buildings and Equipment: Buildings and Equipment

Our 15th edition focuses on a topic often-requested by our readers: Category E Projects – Buildings and Equipment. Author Judy Wolf takes an in-depth look at this subject and aptly reminds readers that “Understanding all the elements and policy considerations that go into developing and implementing all Category E projects...

Issue #4013
Disaster Recovery Today - Mitigation Measures: Mitigation Measures

This edition of Disaster Recovery Today explores the value of mitigation programs eligible for FEMA funding. Mitigation grant funds are enormously valuable resources for local jurisdictions. To access mitigation grant funding, a community needs to have an approved Mitigation Action Plan (MAP)....

Issue #4012
Disaster Recovery Today - Proper Debris Management: Proper Debris Management

In this issue, author Kevin Cahill addresses the importance of including debris removal in a well-designed disaster recovery plan and highlights some of the pervasive issues that arise during the debris-removal phase of a disaster.

Issue #4011
Disaster Recovery Today - Rebuilding Under the FEMA Public Assistance Program: Rebuilding Under the FEMA Public Assistance Program

Once again we are pleased to welcome a new author to the Disaster Recovery Today editorial board. For this, our 12th edition, Robert Wright examines how the FEMA Public Assistance Program affects the decision to repair, replace or relocate a damaged facility.

Issue #4010
Disaster Recovery Today - A Second Disaster Strikes: Will FEMA Pay Again?: A Second Disaster Strikes: Will FEMA Pay Again?

This edition takes an in-depth look at FEMA’s Obtain and Maintain requirements for property insurance coverage and their relationship to an applicant’s ability to receive Public Assistance funding.

Issue #4009
Disaster Recovery Today - Floodplain Management: Floodplain Management

With the most common natural disaster in the United States being floods, this issue of Disaster Recovery Today discusses floodplain management and its impact on FEMA reimbursements.

Issue #4008
Disaster Recovery Today - Mitigation Funding in the FEMA Public Assistance Program: Mitigation Funding in the FEMA Public Assistance Program

Mitigation is valuable to society in many ways. It creates stronger, safer and more resilient communities and infrastructure. It also has the potential to save lives and lessens the economic impact on a community following a disaster. ...

Issue #4007
Disaster Recovery Today - Completion, Inspection and Audit: Completion, Inspection and Audit

An organized, well-documented grant management strategy pays off during the final review of the project during closeout and audit, and helps ensure that grant funding remains intact.

Issue #4006
Disaster Recovery Today - Implementing the Recovery Plan: Implementing the Recovery Plan

This issue of Disaster Recovery Today provides the information to get your organization on track for the funding it requires, and for keeping your project on course in the event of challenges.

Issue #4005
Disaster Recovery Today - Develop a Funding Approach: Develop a Funding Approach

One of the most crucial elements of FEMA grant funding-approach development remains open communication with the state and FEMA, and controlling the stages of Project Worksheet development.

Issue #4004
Disaster Recovery Today - Develop a Rebuilding Plan: Develop a Rebuilding Plan

When it comes to developing a rebuilding plan under the FEMA Public Assistance program, an applicant has several options: you can replace the original facility, improve upon it, or direct the money toward another project.

Issue #4003
Disaster Recovery Today - Determining Eligibility: Determining Eligibility

In the previous issue of Disaster Recovery Today, we discussed the categorization of disaster-related damages. Once damages have been properly categorized, they must also be deemed eligible by FEMA before financial assistance can be obtained...

Issue #4002
Disaster Recovery Today - Categorizing Losses: Categorizing Losses

FEMA defines Emergency Work under Categories A & B and Permanent Work under Categories C through G. It is important to keep these FEMA categories in mind from the beginning, as it can take several weeks—sometimes months—before an event is declared as eligible and FEMA is actually on site.

Issue #4001
Disaster Recovery Today - Loss Measurement: Loss Measurement

The foundation of a successful financial recovery following a catastrophic event is an accurate and timely measurement of loss. From the initial stages of cleanup through the rebuilding...

Issue #4000
Disaster Recovery Today - Lack of Teamwork Could Be the Real Disaster: Lack of Teamwork Could Be the Real Disaster

Recovery from a major disaster becomes very difficult in the absence of progressive mitigation strategies, a detailed recovery plan and a “disaster team” to implement both. The development...