FEMA Public Assistance

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Luanne Principe

Luanne Principe, Senior Disaster Recovery Manager

Senior Disaster Recovery Manager

Adjusters International is the nation’s premier provider of integrated disaster recovery consulting services, providing consulting services to grantees and applicants to maximize and expedite reimbursement from FEMA Public Assistance grants and property insurance claims. We offer each service independently, as well as a Total Solution® package, customized to your needs.

Grantees—Adjusters International responds to the specific needs of grantees. Our comprehensive understanding of disaster relief programs, along with our hands-on experience gained during some of the worst disasters in U.S. history, provides the valuable resources to assist your state in reaching its recovery goals. Our FEMA consultants handle everything from preliminary damage assessments through to project closeout and audit.

AI takes pride in being the “go to” firm for disaster preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation assistance.

Applicants—After a disaster, applicants will not only face the challenges of emergency response but they will also face the many complications involved in funding their recovery. With our staff of experts in the FEMA Public Assistance Program, as well as experienced public adjusters, we are able to fully integrate your insurance claim with your FEMA recovery. We help to level the playing field for you.

Our team of professionals includes engineers, project managers, tribal liaisons, insurance specialists, and others with extensive experience with every facet of the recovery including: debris management, roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, utilities, building and contents valuations, environmental reviews, codes compliance, and the 404 hazard mitigation program.

AI’s Clientele—Our list of clients includes the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (’01 terrorist attack and ’12 Sandy), Lynn County Iowa (’08 floods), City of New Orleans (’05 Katrina), Steele County, MN (’10 floods), Lee County-Fort Myers, FL (’04 hurricanes), Cedar Rapids School District (’08 floods), Dallas Public Schools, (Various) and many other counties, cities, schools, hospitals and tribal nations across the country. We currently represent the states of New York, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Please contact us for more information regarding our FEMA consulting services and how we can help you with any aspect of your disaster recovery.