Preparation For a Hurricane Insurance Claim Is Vital

Hurricane Insurance Claims

There has been a spike in the number and severity of hurricanes in recent years. In the aftermath of these storms, there have been too many occasions where businesses were not adequately covered due to the complexities of the loss and inadequacy of their insurance coverage. Understanding your full exposure, and minimizing your risks, can help you financially survive the next major hurricane that comes your way and succeed with the subsequent hurricane claim that you will need to make and settle. The success of the claim will be vital to your recovery.

Since a hurricane is largely unpredictable, policyholders along the coasts must always ready themselves for the possibility of future damaging storms and the likelihood of having to file a hurricane claim. In the aftermath of a hurricane, many priorities come to mind, but primarily protecting your property, getting your business operating again, and recovery in general are paramount. Just like boarding your windows before the hurricane, understanding your insurance policy long before a disaster strikes is essential to protecting your insurable interest and ensuring a fast claim recovery. If you have contingency plans established and the proper insurance in place you will be better prepared to deal with the hurricane insurance claim process which will follow.

Following a major hurricane, it can take an expert to navigate the entire process and maximize your disaster recovery. Our public insurance adjusters' experience with hurricanes is unprecedented. Starting with Hurricane Elena in 1985, we have handled thousands of insurance claims resulting from every hurricane to have hit the U.S. and Caribbean over the past 28 years. And you can be assured that our team of experts will be there with you every step of the way: preparing, negotiating, and settling your hurricane damage claim.

Hurricane Insurance Claim Resources

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