Issue #2005
Be Aware of Recent Revisions to ISO Commercial Property Coverage Forms

Be Aware of Recent Revisions to ISO Commercial Property Coverage Forms

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) has made revisions to two commercial property insurance forms — the Building and Personal Property Form (CP 00 10) and the Causes of Loss – Special Form (CP 10 20). These policies or forms periodically undergo revisions for a variety of reasons, for example to reflect changes in the insurance environment, to respond to court decisions that may have altered the meaning of a particular policy provision, or to clarify provisions that previously were unclear.

The most important commercial coverage changes made by ISO are reviewed in this E-Edition of Adjusting Today, including:

  • business personal property coverage;
  • debris removal coverage;
  • the outdoor property coverage extension;
  • property in portable storage units;
  • extended business income coverage; and
  • newly acquired business personal property.

In addition, these revisions also encompass six new optional commercial property endorsements, addressing exposures like discharge from sewers and drains, equipment breakdown, food contamination and limitations on coverage for roof surfacing. All business owners should be aware of these changes, as they will impact the protection many businesses have, don’t have or need to understand better.

If your responsibilities include planning or administering a commercial insurance program, this is relevant reading for you.