Disaster Response

Disaster Response Adjusters InternationalEmergency Management Services

In the event that a disaster escalates to a proportion where it exhausts your agency’s resources, our team can provide Incident Management Assistance Teams (IMATs) to support and augment staffing at the state or local Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

This service allows you to maintain continuity of operations while effectively managing the incident. We can provide short-term and long-term staff support to assist with your Incident Management System (e.g., operations section chief, planning section chief, logistical section chief, finance/admin section chief, or ESF positions, based on need and the level of disaster response).

Post-Disaster Damage Assessment

Our team regularly assists states, counties, and other local jurisdictions with disaster assessment services related to both the FEMA public assistance and individual assistance programs. We are familiar with the damage assessment process for public infrastructure and public facilities, as well as privately owned homes and businesses, and have worked closely with local and state emergency management organizations as part of this process. In fact, we maintain an in-house team of professional estimators specifically trained to provide this service.

Our consultants have a thorough knowledge of transportation systems, irrigation and pumping stations, water control facilities, utilities, parks and recreational facilities, as well as buildings, equipment, contents, and other assets – and the latent damages incurred by these facilities.  We will work with your staff to ensure that processes and procedures are in place to perform accurate site inspections with both FEMA representatives and insurance adjusters.

Our disaster preparedness and recovery services are provided under the Tidal Basin name. Our adjusting services continue to be delivered by our licensed regional public adjusting firms, under the Adjusters International umbrella. Please contact Tidal Basin for assistance with the services listed above.