Public Adjusters vs Independent Insurance Adjusters

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Gregory P. Raab

Gregory P. Raab, Public Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Services

Public Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Services

If you have suffered significant damage to your home or business, you will quickly need to become familiar with the insurance claim process. As the policyholder, the first step in this process may be to identify whom you can hire to represent you.

If you are looking for an adjuster to help you with your insurance claim, the difference between an independent adjuster and a public adjuster can be very confusing. The professional roles these two play in the claims process are quite opposite.

An independent adjuster may first sound like what you, the policyholder, needs; when in fact independent adjusters work for the insurance companies. For the independent adjuster, their bottom line is to represent their employer—the insurance company. And they legally represent only the rights of an insurance carrier. In actuality, what you are really looking for is a public adjuster — an adjuster who works exclusively for the policyholder.

Insurance Claims HelpIndependent adjusters are paid by insurance companies to adjust the claim on their behalf, whereas public adjusters work for insurance policyholders to help with many of the complex provisions and processes involved with a typical insurance property claim. Many claimants hire public adjusters to help document, expedite, file their claim, and to assist them through the entire claims process. Most importantly they represent the policyholder to the insurance company to ensure that the claim is handled fairly, quickly, and with maximum financial restitution.

The Public Adjusters of Adjusters International

Adjusters International provides the nation’s leading public adjusting services. Adjusters International’s main focus is to assist the public in settling commercial property losses throughout North America.

Our public adjusters help policyholders navigate insurance claims and support them through the entire claim settlement process to achieve the maximum insurance recovery in the shortest time possible. Let Adjusters International build the strongest possible foundation for your financial recovery.

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