Client Testimonials

MBA Polymers, Inc.

We certainly could never have gotten as far as you did on both the property and the BIEE claims. There is just too much that we didn’t know regarding our rights under the insurance coverage. Your knowledge, persistence, and contacts were what helped us receive a settlement that was appropriate. I truly appreciated your follow through and keeping me current on the issues. Both claims were tricky, and it was [your] understanding of the real nature of events, and your method of presentation to the carrier that prevailed.

Susan Aumiller

ClothesTime, Anaheim, CA

The expertise that your firm exhibited during our initial discussions ensured our company that you would be able to achieve a more favorable settlement than we ever could and the results proved that. There was a minimum interruption to our organization while your staff gathered that appropriate information to process the losses which enabled us to concentrate on operating our business. Your firm clearly showed a level of knowledge and skill that proved to us that the choice we made in securing your services was the correct one.

Douglas L. Pereira
Corporate Controller

Avistar Communications Corporation, Redwood Shores, CA

Not until we engaged [Adjusters International] did we begin to feel that our claim would be properly considered. The process of demonstrating our losses to the carrier proved to be a torturous effort, and [your team] demonstrated a high degree of expertise, resourcefulness and tenacity. During this effort, they became trusted partners. Their intensity never wavered…. They were great resources to have representing us, and I have absolutely no doubt that we would not have accomplished the reasonable result that we did without their dogged pursuit of a fair resolution.

Robert Habig
Chief Financial Officer