Client Testimonials

Oregon City Public Schools, Oregon City, OR

When it was initially suggested that we hire an independent loss consultant, I must admit I was skeptical of the need. However, I am convinced beyond all doubt that it was the best decision for the district to retain your services. …If I could give anyone who was unfortunate enough to suffer a loss one piece of advice, it would be to retain Adjusters International as soon as possible after the occurrence.

Kenneth W. Rezac
Business Manager

Shawnee County, Topeka, KS

We realized early on that we were ill equipped to devote knowledgeable staff to attend the numerous meetings, scope negotiations, unit cost negotiations, addressing building code issues and many other details that needed to be addressed in order to achieve a satisfactory settlement. We are glad we allowed professionals like you to handle these matters. Thank you for your hard work and decisiveness.

Susanna L. Valdovinos
Assistant County Counselor

United States Department Of The Interior, National Park Service

In your role as consultant to the National Park Service, your expertise was invaluable in allowing us to work through each step of the long and detailed process and to feel confident that we have protected the public interest as we arrived at a final insurance settlement of $7.5 million which we feel is fair and just. I was very impressed by the expertise you brought to bear on the claim and soon came to realize that we, with your help, would be actively involved in the adjustment process. You provided information and perspective that allowed us to review case law, weigh options, and shift approaches to aspects of the claim in order to reach a more beneficial yet fair settlement. I have also come to respect your ability to participate and communicate fully on a technical and professional level and yet be able to translate, in clear and concise yet understandable terms, the technicalities of the profession to those of us not immersed in the intricacies.

Martin L. Nielson
Chief, Business & Revenue Management