Client Testimonials

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Hair & Beauty Spa, London, UK

We would have had much difficulty in handling the various complex issues without your good office, and we would be more than happy to recommend you to other companies who have similar incidents in the future.

David Bell
Financial Director

Alpha Hospitality Corporation, New York, NY

We were always aware of the complex issues the claim generated and the difficulty that some of them posed. Your professionalism, knowledge and steadfastness were outstanding and the ultimate result certainly met our most optimistic expectations.

Thomas W. Aro
Executive Vice President

Board Of Public Utilities, Kansas City, KS

Had you been handling and guiding the preparation and presentation of all our damage estimates from the beginning, our recovery could have been far greater. I speak from experience when I say that estimates given “off the cuff” and without consideration of all the insurance policy’s provisions can come back to haunt you.

Lanny L. Uden, P.E.
Director of Civil Engineering