Commercial Client Testimonials

We are proud of our achievements, experience and reputation. But when it comes down to it, it’s not our opinion that matters—it’s that of our clients, and ultimately, yours.

The Port Authority of NY & NJ, New York, NY

Certainly the tragedy of the World Trade Center explosion will remain etched in our memories forever. We can, however, take pride in the united response of hundreds of people which enabled the complex to be reopened in record time and reconstructed on an expedited schedule. At the same time, as you well know, we were involved in a long, sometimes agonizing process of pursuing settlement activities with insurers. Without your help, and the help of many others the settlement wouldn’t have been concluded as successfully as it was. On behalf of The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, I would like to thank you for the expert advice you provided to me and my staff in our effort to bring the World Trade Center explosion insurance claim to closure. Your expertise and insight in this long and arduous negotiation were invaluable.

Bruce D. Bohlen

The Pillsbury Company, Minneapolis, MN

Time and again you had the creative solution, the tough negotiating point, or the quick response necessary to keep our insurance claim on track with the insurance adjusters.

Richard Q. Russeth
Vice President & Associate General Counsel

Continental Airlines, Inc, Houston, TX

The [business interruption] claim was quite intricate for it involved a hub station that had been damaged by a typhoon. …[Adjusters International] exhibited experience in the claims process and provided Continental with the tools needed to finalize the claim.

Monica Ho
Manager, Property & Casualty Insurance Risk Manager