Tornado, Hurricane and Wind Damage – Commercial Insurance Claims

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Gregory P. Raab

Gregory P. Raab, Public Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Services

Public Adjusting and Disaster Recovery Services

Adjusters International assists with documenting, preparing, and settling commercial wind damage claims after your property has suffered windstorm, hurricane, or tornado damage.

Windstorms, hurricanes and tornadoes can create massive destruction. When wind damage occurs, it can open the door to complicated ambiguities with insurance coverage during the adjustment process. In the aftermath of a disaster, many priorities come to mind:

  • Protecting your property.
  • Getting your business or home back to normal.
  • Securing adequate financial recovery.

How do I get what I’m entitled to from my business’ wind damage insurance claim?

wind damage insurance claimsMany business owners do not collect all the money they are entitled to simply because they don’t know
the ins-and-outs of the insurance claim process. Commercial wind damage insurance claims can be a hassle whether the damage to your business’ property is large or small. Important things to remember about windstorm losses:

  • Differences between wind and flood coverage can make recovery complex.
  • Widespread disasters spread claim representatives thin, making resolution difficult.
  • Consider hiring a public adjuster to make a full recovery.

A public adjuster will work exclusively for you, the policyholder, and not the insurance company in filing and settling a commercial wind damage insurance claim. Whether or not you choose to enlist the help of a public adjuster, it is your responsibility as the policyholder to document and prove your wind damage claim to your insurance company. If your business has suffered windstorm, hurricane, or tornado damage, contact Adjusters International for assistance with your insurance claim.

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